Awards 4

You have won a VPAD Award...Congratulations!!! After viewing your site, we can see the hard work you put into it.. Thank you for sharing it with all of us...  

Phantasm;  Congratulations, After being nominated your site has been reviewed and has been awarded the Phantasm award. The Phantasm Award is given for the following: 1) Excellence in web design. 2) Sites designed to be original and creative. 3) Well designed sites that show future promise. 4) Sites that use graphics effectively. 5) Sites and have cool graphics. 6) Sites looking to increase traffic.          

In accordance with the criteria for my award program I have reviewed your site Christmas Island remembered! You have won Uwe's Silver Award. Congratulations!

On this website you find a tremendous amount of information on Christmas Island (Pacific) during the period 1956-1964.
The content is informative and concrete. The site is clearly structured, loads quickly and has a clean layout. Keep up the good work!