by the Minister of Supply

 (Rt. Hon. Aubrey Jones, M.P.)

In the absence of international agreement on methods of regulating and limiting nuclear test explosions-and Her Majesty's Government will not cease to pursue every opportunity of securing such agreement the tests which are to take place shortly in the Pacific are, in the opinion of the Government, essential to the defence of the country and the prevention of global war. They represent in their scope the minimum necessary to ensure that our weapons shall be powerful and effective, and a real deterrent to a potential aggressor.
No effort has been spared in the organization of the tests to ensure the safety of personnel involved, and to obviate danger to persons and property. The arrangements made to this end will be continued throughout the operation.
The construction, on remote and desolate Pacific islands, of the operating bases for the tests are a fine example of co-operation between the three Services, whose soldiers, sailors and airmen have laboured many months at their tasks under difficult conditions. Help has also been readily extended to us by our Commonwealth friends in Australia and New Zealand, for whose co-operation we are most grateful.
I have the greatest confidence in all those, scientists and members of the three Services, on whom falls the responsibility for carrying out the tests. With this confidence I wish, to all of you who are taking part in "Operation Grapple", every success