by the Task Force Commander

    Some time ago the Prime Minister announced the Government's intention to test the British megaton range weapons, more commonly called Hydrogen bombs, on which our efforts to maintain peace so largely depend. This test, now generally known as Operation Grapple, is a very complex affair and requires the services of a wide variety of specialist personnel and organizations all working harmoniously together.
Because of this complexity it is almost impossible for anyone to be completely informed about what is happening in each of the specialist activities. Nevertheless I am sure that everyone taking part in this great task would like to have some general idea of what all the other people are doing and why, and to understand how his own contribution is essential to the overall plan. .
    We have therefore produced this booklet as an amateur effort to tell you something about megaton weapons, the part each service is playing in the tests and that part of the world in which the tests are taking place.
I would like to emphasize one point which should become apparent as you read through the booklet, that is how much we depend upon good team work to make this operation successful. You will see that we have four main arms, civilian scientists and the three military Services. For this reason we have chosen as our emblem the four-pointed grapnel carried by a cormorant which is frequently used as the symbol for inter-service co-operation. Each man and each organization within the task force is essential to the success of our venture. That success also depends upon the whole-hearted co-operation between all the varying elements of the force.
    I hope that this little booklet, by creating greater understanding, will assist in achieving this co-operation, will give you greater interest and enjoyment in the job which you are going to do for the next few months and will serve as a pleasant souvenir of what must surely be one of the most interesting episodes of your lives.